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Frosty Sorbet Pops 3 Wick Jar Candle - (326g)

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Introducing the Frosty Sorbet Pops 3 Wick Candle by Great Value — a delightful symphony of fragrances to elevate your space into a winter wonderland that immerses you in an invigorating blend of icy citrus, sweet berry sorbet, and a hint of mint. It goes beyond the ordinary, offering a combination of fruity sweetness and frosty coolness that's distinctive and invigorating. Ideal for those who enjoy the magic of winter, and those who love to infuse their space with the spirit of the season.

Key features;

  • Heat-safe transparent candle jar that complements virtually any room décor
  • Features multiple unleaded wicks for a consistent and even burn
  • Designed with a gasket-rimmed lid, ensuring a lasting aroma throughout the candle's life.