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Limoncello Wallflower Fragrance Refill Only - (24ml)

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This refill is designed to effortlessly infuse your home with the vibrant and refreshing scent of zesty lemons and sweet citrus which creates a lively and energizing atmosphere. The Limoncello Wallflower Refill is made for individuals who appreciate the uplifting power of citrus scents and want to create a vibrant and cheerful ambiance with its fragrance notes of bright lemon zest, sorrento lemons and cane sugar with essential oils.

Key features;

  • The plug-in design means that you can enjoy the fragrance without worrying about an open flame or hot wax.
  • To get started, twist right (clockwise) to uncap the refill and twist it anti-clockwise to attach it to the plug. Always keep your plug and fragrance refill upright.